Jewish life in Trier

The first traces of Jewish life in Germany's oldest city date back to antiquity. Evidence of a community in Trier does not exist until the 11th century. Since then, its history has been closely linked to that of the city and looks back on a chequered past marked by peaceful coexistence, but also persecution and death.

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Centenary 2021: 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany

The year 2021 marks the anniversary of "1700 years of Jewish life in Germany". This is because an edict issued by the Roman Emperor Constantine in 321 documents the first written mention of a Jewish community in Germany, more precisely in Cologne. It was issued 1700 years ago and provides the occasion for the anniversary. For this reason, a variety of events and projects have been launched with the aim of making Jewish life visible and tangible and to counteract the strengthening anti-Semitism. The association "321-2021: 1700 Jahre jüdisches Leben in Deutschland e.V." (321-2021: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany) in Cologne is the central contact point during the anniversary and supports numerous actions with funding measures, including the implementation of this app.

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We offer a map overview of all places covered in the database.

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In order for the web app "Jewish Life in Trier" to determine your location, you need to activate the location services of your device.

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There is free WLAN from the Stadtwerke Trier in the pedestrian zone. Look for the network called "SWT City W-Lan".

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That's great! Contact Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH by email - - or by phone - 0651 97808 0.

Who is behind the project?

The app "Jewish Life in Trier" was created on the initiative of Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH in partnership with the City of Trier, Office for Urban Culture and Monument Protection, and with the support of the Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier, spokesperson Klaus-Michael Nix and the Jewish Religious Community of Trier. The project was realised through a grant from the association "321-2021: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany e.V.".

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